Thursday, 18 October 2012


SONU stands for Student Organization of Nairobi University. It is an organization whose membership comprises all people who enroll as students to study different disciplines within the University of Nairobi. The Student Body has influenced most of the political transitions in the country, enhanced the process of democratization and promoted the welfare of many a student. Over the time, it has itself undergone numerous transitions amidst many a fumble and many a tumble; along the way, it has gained friends, lost others and thus, being able to stand the test of time. Despite being banned severally by Kenyatta’s & Moi’s Dictatorial, plutocratic, degrading, archaic, and tight-fisted regime; its leaders used to actively participate in matters of national concern, essentially expressing student’s position about a range of vital issues for instance the demand of the likes of James Orengo and Wanyiri Kihoro for the truth about the infamous murder of J.M. Kariuki. Most notably is the arrest and inevitable death of the late Mr. Tito Adungosi in connection to the attempted coup of 1982. Consequently, Moi government continued to act tough on student leaders and lecturers because they were suspected to be inciters against his oppressive regime. A group of students led by the then Chairman Mwandawiro Mghanga were expelled from University, arrested and harassed most of the times. In 1987 the then chairman of SONU Mr.Wafula Buke was detained on suspicion that he was spying for the Libyan government which by then was at loggerheads with the Moi regime. Buke was later imprisoned only to be released after introduction of multiparty politics in Kenya. That was then…nowadays, S.O.N.U has effectively been washed down, its leadership crumbled and trampled upon by expensive gifts, generous cash from the student kitty, promises of employment, assurances of scholarships and a horde of other niceties. We are yet to witness another Makau Mutua(1981), Paddy Onyango(1982), Rateng’ Oginga Ogego(1982), Mwendawiro Mganga(1985), Wafula Buke (1987),Miguna Miguna(1987),Kabando wa Kabando(1992) Oburu(1993),Kioko (1998),Ted Munovi(2003),Mwengu Mutuse(2003),Ngaruya K J(2004), and the late GPO Oulu(2004). Unfortunately, what we have, and are sure to have(lest someone rise up and turn the tables upside down once and for all); are a bunch of self-seeking, mean, retrogressive, extortionists, insensitive and careless leaders. Hate or love me, I care the least. The truth is, ‘Comradeship’ is no longer about the suffering student’s rights (say those who lack accommodation or even in dire need of scholarships). Ironically, it has become an avenue to extort cash from wealthy Kenyans, politicians and NGOs (while using the innocent comrades as a mere rubber stamp). S.O.N.U leaders are nowadays celebrities known for their celebrated ‘swagga’ enshrined in a series of partying, a huge following of sexual partners and Satan Knows what else! Surprisingly occasional presence of ‘goons’ imported from ungodly avenues like the ‘China’ & ‘Baghdad’ Commandos, is a permanent feature now during SO.N.U elections…it is time comrades; it is time we say a big no to such derogative gestures and retrogressive sentiments espoused by our leadership. It is time our celebrated Student Body reclaim its lost glory. It is time we put first the student needs then the ‘extra co-curriculum’ activities beyond every successive FURAHI-DAY can follow suit! ©2012 C.C.LEVI

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