Thursday, 25 October 2012


Penniless I came to her,all I had was just my love Burning with desire,to hold her soul close to me Written was innocence,all over her dazzling face Causing great trouble,and discomfort in my heart Never will a minute pass,without pausing to think of her Little did I knew,the rich vultures were watching her I decided to go to court,to prosecute dear Emmy For stealing all my soul,and departing for the unknown Helpless I watched Emmy,as the vultures preyed her soul And the dodges she managed,in between lion's claws All the money they had for her,yet Emmy became unmoved Standing even firm,coz' I had won her soul Frustration left my heart,yet I could not believe her I doubted all the thing,coz' it could not be the truth So wonderful was the day,our souls were united Attended by the few,yet so worthy to remember So desperate shall I be,to always seek Emmy's nest To make it, a house for me And have peace,forever more All the days of our lives,here on earth… Never will I ever forget,the things we dit together All those nights,all those days The merry laughter,the sweetest moments With Emmi-the love of my life All the whispers to me,all the secret smiles Sitting by the fire,cracking jokes with Emmi All in peace my soul was,has been,will be... She has my heart,and so do I.

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