Monday, 15 October 2012


GOVERNMENT’S EXAGGERATED AMBITIONS HURTING MANY A SCHOLAR Kabianga Farmers Training Centre became Kabianga Campus of Moi University in May 2007. In May, 2009, the University Campus was elevated to a University College. Kabianga University College joins the list of the recently established University Colleges and Campuses with a view of creating more learning opportunities .Currently the University College has over 3000 students. Initially, everybody considered it an exceptional move by the government; a timely solution to the ever increasing demand for higher education in our country and perhaps, a landmark credential in our esteemed education system. With time, though, the cracks have gradually graduated into fissures in what now appears to have been a hurriedly arranged ‘marriage’. It is evident that the Government had done a great deal of nothing as far as infrastructure expansion and improvement is concerned. Worse, the story is the same in almost all the other College Universities. Consequently, thousands of students are forced to endure an unbearable learning environment in such institutions. In Kabianga for instance, the messes are in a total mess, the main library is almost an archive rich with a scanty number of learning materials and, everyday experience is a traumatizing story for every student. Moreover, six students are forced to share a single room, the water runs hardly up to 8 AM due to the overwhelming number of students, the roads are not tarmac ked (meaning when it rains, one has to wear Gumboots), pavements are ironically absent, an automatic generator is as well absent, the main computer laboratory has close to ten desk top computers...the list is endless! I honestly call upon the government to think seriously about improving things in these higher learning institutions. It is in effect an awesome idea, yes, very timely indeed, yet doomed to stumble and fumble alike unless something tangible is done at the soonest opportune possible! ©2012 Cheruo .C. Levi

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