Monday, 15 October 2012

An Open Letter to all Kenyan Merchants of Impunity

An Open Letter to all Kenyan Merchants of Impunity If justice has to be done, one in a million must rise up and denounce every merchant of impunity with fury and vehemence; without fear and favour. Many a man and a woman have time and again echoed that ‘Kenya will forever remain BIGGER than any mere mortal being nursed on its tender laps’. That the reverse has eternally been the order of the day is no surprise at all! You and I are responsible in a thousand and one ways! Afraid of the mighty and wealthy, cowed and cajoled we’ve been led endlessly to the slaughter like meek sheep. Shy and giggling like amateurish lovers, we always whisper names of shameless Kenyans whose fathers and mothers stole our wealth with gusto (are still stealing even this very minute), killed those who dared to point an accusing finger at them, crippled those who walked shoulders high while denouncing their evil acts, and perhaps even threatened to slaughter your very own beloved grandmother! Kenya is a nation of ten multi-billionaire families and slightly over Thirty Nine Million helpless beggars (Indeed, courtesy of the masses ear-splitting silence and aloofness). It is a country whose systems are enshrined in shrewdness and massive corrupt gestures; a Nation whose respectable leaders lies, kill and torture without a slight blink of an eye. Today, I have chosen to endanger my ‘has-been’ useless life; embrace every unscrupulous reproach, withstand all possible curses and name and shame all those whom I believe rank as the greatest thieves ever in our beloved country. From today henceforth, all those who have been ‘robbing us without violence’ in the name of our Good Lord must be known to the public. To every shrewd clergyman, every tricky bishop and not-so-innocent pastors who have been stealing from our vulnerable mothers and fathers, I have chosen this untimely yet inevitable time to have a date with you! I am not going to spare corrupt heads of learning institutions who have commercialized education and made it very difficult for financially-challenged homes to spring forth a ‘future saviour’. May you all die an equally painful death just like many a dream of young Kenyans that you have been trampling upon mercilessly and eagerly enveloping them in a cloud of the ever seemingly misty tomorrow! To our traffic police and other armed forces whose bad reputation is known to every breathing soul, may your kids and wives suffer the very same pain you always subject to jobless Kenyans who normally strife to make ends meet. May the ‘bad cash’ you normally collect in our impassable, un-attended to roads and business premises eat deep into your plans and ambitions in live. And lastly, to our nurses and doctors whose inhuman and cruel hands are despised and abhorred by every sick Kenyan, may you one day pass through the same hurdles in life and learn hard. May you one unkind day spent torturous hours in an eternalised queue while writhing in anguish and agony. More so, may the cash you normally solicit and cherish more than lives of humans earn you a lot of nothing in live! ©2012 C. C. Levi

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