Thursday, 25 October 2012


Penniless I came to her,all I had was just my love Burning with desire,to hold her soul close to me Written was innocence,all over her dazzling face Causing great trouble,and discomfort in my heart Never will a minute pass,without pausing to think of her Little did I knew,the rich vultures were watching her I decided to go to court,to prosecute dear Emmy For stealing all my soul,and departing for the unknown Helpless I watched Emmy,as the vultures preyed her soul And the dodges she managed,in between lion's claws All the money they had for her,yet Emmy became unmoved Standing even firm,coz' I had won her soul Frustration left my heart,yet I could not believe her I doubted all the thing,coz' it could not be the truth So wonderful was the day,our souls were united Attended by the few,yet so worthy to remember So desperate shall I be,to always seek Emmy's nest To make it, a house for me And have peace,forever more All the days of our lives,here on earth… Never will I ever forget,the things we dit together All those nights,all those days The merry laughter,the sweetest moments With Emmi-the love of my life All the whispers to me,all the secret smiles Sitting by the fire,cracking jokes with Emmi All in peace my soul was,has been,will be... She has my heart,and so do I.


Her stare was dull,coiled with uncerternity I saw the unwavering dilemma,the lack of consent Many a day,many a night We've been together in that homely utopia Hoping all will be alright There were times so hard We cried and cried and cried Wishing we were never set forth And she had been the man Telling me of our other true friend:pain! We shook hands with it every minute of our lives We wrestled with its bargains We sniffed its distant innocence And I knew will ever be best of friends… And I never anticipated the tides will change soon The ill wind blew untimely Covering our once plausible rays of hope with a thick blanket of despair And mine became fanciful ideas Unreal myths.I reminded her of those moments together The merry laughter,the tears yes and of course the pain Of the inside contentment And the seemingly vague tomorrow But she wouldn't listen to me… She turned to go and I couldn't do a thing… The looming,dark blanket lay somewhere ahead I would have loved to warn her Of the mist,the vague tomorrow… True I lacked the muscles,my wallet was thin But mine heart was huge,patiently waiting to embrace her My future wife welcomed the wisest counsel Of ignoring me On and on she moved away Blindfolded,lured by secret sneering, cheerer And the clever fools who are indeed my true enemies! I recalled with penury,tears,bitterness How I would tell Mama that:there goes my future wife About the secret golden ring I would have made her wear And the now icy touch of her once-genuine laughter As I sat there,watching helplessly as my future wife carelessly caressed the seemingly kind face of a promising tomorrow, I prayed inwardly for fate she had dated earlier to have mercy on her True,the path she was now following was headed for a devoid abyss And I knew I will never see my future wife again…


To be realistic, our Kenyan society has complex perceptions about 'women leadership' and a great deal of men is seemingly ever suspicious and afraid of such advancements. This is echoed by the apparent stale mate to fully effect the 2:1 ratio slated in the new constitution(courtesy of a good chunk of the male parliamentarians). Consequently, it will take many years for us to embrace political sobriety and ignore gender as a factor when it comes to leadership and other societal roles! Martha Karua for instance, has an extremely strong personality and has since effectively emancipated herself from the perceived 'cruel jaws of male chauvinism'! Similarly, a horde of others notably Shabesh Rachel, Njoki Ndung’u, Charity Ngilu & Reverent Margaret Wanjiru; do exhibit such tendencies of having liberated themselves from the eternally ‘enslaving’ male domination! Either Martha or Ngilu can make a great leader, yes, yet the way things stand, their chances to succeed Mwai Kibaki might be equally very slim! Traditionally, male leadership has been adored in our Country and convincing a whole generation of hard-lined ‘conservatives’, might not be an easy ride for the two female presidential candidates! On a prophetic gear, our beloved country will be ripe enough to accommodate a female president in the year 2100! As much as I honestly wish them the best of luck, it is quite unfortunate to note that theirs is inevitably a ‘losing battle’. I must, however, loud their persistent, consistent and constant struggle to add meaning in many a Kenyan woman’s life...they have been an inspiration, a role model and a motivator to many a young girl. Kudos, bravo, thumbs up!!! © Cheruo Levi Cheptora 2012


Historically, a form of layered sovereignty applied to East Africa’s coast that left the region’s city-states and communities free to conduct their affairs as long as they remitted taxes and duties to Zanzibar. This ended in 1963 with the integration of the coastal protectorate into the Republic of Kenya. The coastal leaders supporting the majimbo platform of the Kenya African Democratic Union (KADU)—adopted in opposition to the mwambao movement’s campaign for independence—saw their hopes for a large degree of self-rule dashed under Kenyatta’s centralist government. Banner (2008) states that, “efforts to secure coastal autonomy represent a regionally and historically specific type of sovereignty pursued by mwambao activists not simply to guard political and material privileges, but more broadly to express a language of political legitimacy that still resonates today.” While coastal communities have always nurtured the desire to exert sovereignty over their own affairs, land, and resources, the rise of the Mombasa Republican Council over the past year has imbued the issue with a renewed vibrancy and purpose. The coastal communities’ fears over losing control of land and key economic resources in 1963 were realized over the next five decades. This has led to a crisis of state legitimacy. Post-independence social exclusion and regional development rigged in favour of outsiders and local elites has led to a situation where members of the indigenous population now refer to themselves as “Coasterians” and to the non-coastal settlers as “Kenyans”. A surprising sense of unity is replacing the acrimony persisting in the wake of the self-governing mwambao and federalist majimbo campaigns during the run-up to independence in 1963. The Mombasa Republican Council is the unlikely agent of this emergent coast nationalism. Although formed at a time when other disaffected parties were contemplating militant forms of resistance, the MRC has ostensibly distanced itself from the region’s acquiescent politicians by challenging the historical agreements leading to the coast’s integration into modern Kenya. A 2008 ban on it remains in effect even after a Kenyan court dismissed charges accusing the MRC of being an armed gang. Even though their grievances might be genuine, their resorting to violence and other ugly measures inevitably renders them a ‘successful failure’ indeed. Worse, unlike in the days of the late Ronald Ngala & Sharif Nasir, when the coastal region had real leadership, the current fashion of leaders is shaky, un-tameable, unpredictable and are either unwilling to openly declare their support for M.C.R or are simply not for them! Moreover, M.R.C has since been outlawed and consequently, the government has declared a fully fledged crack down! It seems natural now for Omar Mwanamuzi and Mraja to surrender, denounce their ‘illegal’ activities and announce to their loyal followers that they have just realized ‘Pwani ni Kenya’, will always be Kenya, wapende wakatae! © Cheruo Levi Cheptora 2012

Friday, 19 October 2012


Greed, theft and corruption... just to mention but a few, is all flesh and blood of ‘living a lie a day at a time’. This characterizes the much despised UoN Staff members who are responsible for murdering, in cold blood, many a dream of comrades. Many a day, they have generously trampled upon mercilessly and eagerly envelop aspirations and ambitions of young men and women in a cloud of the ever seemingly misty tomorrow! Under-paid watchmen, peanut-salaried UoN Staff, do drive limousines, own bungalows and are known to have taken their kids abroad to receive a much better education; all courtesy of witch handing and cash solicited via ungodly channels(mainly corrupt deals). Most notorious is the S.W.A Staff Members who have since perfected their crooked means of undermining a comrade’s life. It must be remembered that J.A.B normally ascribes its annually lists of prospective students to bed capacities availed by every public university. Essentially, this means that every comrade is entitled to a bed. Ironically, S.W.A has since sneaked a clause in the Institution’s Rules and Regulations which seeks not to guarantee you and me a bed! Surprisingly, Module Two comrades, courtesy of their connections and fat wallets, do openly enjoy accommodation services in the expense of numerous distraught comrades...consequently; dozens of comrades are forced to defer their Academic Years, rent houses in the suburbs of the city and endure torturous hours in the cold! A reliable source informed me that a good chunk of these Staff Members, having secured miserable grades, chose to buy decent certificates from poverty-stricken homes and inherited everything including their names! Armed with this grand lie, they were in effect bound to walk tall in job-markets, rise higher in their ranks and become rich overnight. It is feared that over 30 % of UoN Employees are unqualified, undeserving, and worse, have been on payroll illegally! Given the un-attended to loop holes and fissures, illiterate sons and daughters of the mighty have ascended to top ranks in our institution; are the new employers who fancy hiring and firing and rarely tolerate brilliant and hard working staff members! A great deal are indeed cheats who have been robbing us silently, crippling our weak economy, offering us low quality services and denying our bright sons and daughters a chance in life! Armed with a ‘don’t care’ attitude, theirs is to pass some good time in-between rumour mongering, unhealthy talks over a series of unimportant topics, misappropriating funds, tampering with files and documents, forging signatures and sneaking names and details of their relatives and friends in would-be favoured lists of yet another bunch of uneducated buffoons. Once they see a note or some serious coins, they always spring into action and offer you their level best! ©2012 C.C.LEVI

Thursday, 18 October 2012


SONU stands for Student Organization of Nairobi University. It is an organization whose membership comprises all people who enroll as students to study different disciplines within the University of Nairobi. The Student Body has influenced most of the political transitions in the country, enhanced the process of democratization and promoted the welfare of many a student. Over the time, it has itself undergone numerous transitions amidst many a fumble and many a tumble; along the way, it has gained friends, lost others and thus, being able to stand the test of time. Despite being banned severally by Kenyatta’s & Moi’s Dictatorial, plutocratic, degrading, archaic, and tight-fisted regime; its leaders used to actively participate in matters of national concern, essentially expressing student’s position about a range of vital issues for instance the demand of the likes of James Orengo and Wanyiri Kihoro for the truth about the infamous murder of J.M. Kariuki. Most notably is the arrest and inevitable death of the late Mr. Tito Adungosi in connection to the attempted coup of 1982. Consequently, Moi government continued to act tough on student leaders and lecturers because they were suspected to be inciters against his oppressive regime. A group of students led by the then Chairman Mwandawiro Mghanga were expelled from University, arrested and harassed most of the times. In 1987 the then chairman of SONU Mr.Wafula Buke was detained on suspicion that he was spying for the Libyan government which by then was at loggerheads with the Moi regime. Buke was later imprisoned only to be released after introduction of multiparty politics in Kenya. That was then…nowadays, S.O.N.U has effectively been washed down, its leadership crumbled and trampled upon by expensive gifts, generous cash from the student kitty, promises of employment, assurances of scholarships and a horde of other niceties. We are yet to witness another Makau Mutua(1981), Paddy Onyango(1982), Rateng’ Oginga Ogego(1982), Mwendawiro Mganga(1985), Wafula Buke (1987),Miguna Miguna(1987),Kabando wa Kabando(1992) Oburu(1993),Kioko (1998),Ted Munovi(2003),Mwengu Mutuse(2003),Ngaruya K J(2004), and the late GPO Oulu(2004). Unfortunately, what we have, and are sure to have(lest someone rise up and turn the tables upside down once and for all); are a bunch of self-seeking, mean, retrogressive, extortionists, insensitive and careless leaders. Hate or love me, I care the least. The truth is, ‘Comradeship’ is no longer about the suffering student’s rights (say those who lack accommodation or even in dire need of scholarships). Ironically, it has become an avenue to extort cash from wealthy Kenyans, politicians and NGOs (while using the innocent comrades as a mere rubber stamp). S.O.N.U leaders are nowadays celebrities known for their celebrated ‘swagga’ enshrined in a series of partying, a huge following of sexual partners and Satan Knows what else! Surprisingly occasional presence of ‘goons’ imported from ungodly avenues like the ‘China’ & ‘Baghdad’ Commandos, is a permanent feature now during SO.N.U elections…it is time comrades; it is time we say a big no to such derogative gestures and retrogressive sentiments espoused by our leadership. It is time our celebrated Student Body reclaim its lost glory. It is time we put first the student needs then the ‘extra co-curriculum’ activities beyond every successive FURAHI-DAY can follow suit! ©2012 C.C.LEVI

Tuesday, 16 October 2012


No matter how grave one's sins are, they are entitled to a procedural, fair and just avenue of seeking justice to the distraught i.e. the victims in question. Even God Himself despite the fact that we cannot do without Him (when He can afford to do without us), gives us a chance to save our skins and in effect, subjects us to humane, fair and just judgments! M.R.C is a near-evil, yes, (a possible venomous thorn in the flesh of our beloved nation) and its consequent acts attest to this. I am not supporting Mr. Omar Mwamnaudzi's acts but it must be remembered that like any other Kenyan, he has his rights! The point is, the police violated his constitutional rights by beating, roughing him up and acting in a manner that subsequently demeaned, degrade and pinned down his ego and manhood. The apparent good spirit of the new constitution espoused by many a government's systems and the respect Kenyans are almost renewing for the long much despised Police Force; is thus consequently jeopardized. We are yet again being reminded of the Nyayo era and the horrific tales of the infamous Nyayo Torture Chambers. Our Police Officers need to uphold the rule of the law, respect the human rights of every Kenyan, and desist from applying excessive force while dealing with law-breakers. Worse, it was inhuman for Mr. Omar Mwamnaudzi to be denied proper medication. That in itself is unconstitutional and unfortunately, flexes the muscles of impunity, disrespect of the rule of law and acts as a recipe for future police run-away brutalities! © 2012 Cheruo Cheptora Levi

Monday, 15 October 2012

An Open Letter to all Kenyan Merchants of Impunity

An Open Letter to all Kenyan Merchants of Impunity If justice has to be done, one in a million must rise up and denounce every merchant of impunity with fury and vehemence; without fear and favour. Many a man and a woman have time and again echoed that ‘Kenya will forever remain BIGGER than any mere mortal being nursed on its tender laps’. That the reverse has eternally been the order of the day is no surprise at all! You and I are responsible in a thousand and one ways! Afraid of the mighty and wealthy, cowed and cajoled we’ve been led endlessly to the slaughter like meek sheep. Shy and giggling like amateurish lovers, we always whisper names of shameless Kenyans whose fathers and mothers stole our wealth with gusto (are still stealing even this very minute), killed those who dared to point an accusing finger at them, crippled those who walked shoulders high while denouncing their evil acts, and perhaps even threatened to slaughter your very own beloved grandmother! Kenya is a nation of ten multi-billionaire families and slightly over Thirty Nine Million helpless beggars (Indeed, courtesy of the masses ear-splitting silence and aloofness). It is a country whose systems are enshrined in shrewdness and massive corrupt gestures; a Nation whose respectable leaders lies, kill and torture without a slight blink of an eye. Today, I have chosen to endanger my ‘has-been’ useless life; embrace every unscrupulous reproach, withstand all possible curses and name and shame all those whom I believe rank as the greatest thieves ever in our beloved country. From today henceforth, all those who have been ‘robbing us without violence’ in the name of our Good Lord must be known to the public. To every shrewd clergyman, every tricky bishop and not-so-innocent pastors who have been stealing from our vulnerable mothers and fathers, I have chosen this untimely yet inevitable time to have a date with you! I am not going to spare corrupt heads of learning institutions who have commercialized education and made it very difficult for financially-challenged homes to spring forth a ‘future saviour’. May you all die an equally painful death just like many a dream of young Kenyans that you have been trampling upon mercilessly and eagerly enveloping them in a cloud of the ever seemingly misty tomorrow! To our traffic police and other armed forces whose bad reputation is known to every breathing soul, may your kids and wives suffer the very same pain you always subject to jobless Kenyans who normally strife to make ends meet. May the ‘bad cash’ you normally collect in our impassable, un-attended to roads and business premises eat deep into your plans and ambitions in live. And lastly, to our nurses and doctors whose inhuman and cruel hands are despised and abhorred by every sick Kenyan, may you one day pass through the same hurdles in life and learn hard. May you one unkind day spent torturous hours in an eternalised queue while writhing in anguish and agony. More so, may the cash you normally solicit and cherish more than lives of humans earn you a lot of nothing in live! ©2012 C. C. Levi


THE PLIGHT OF ELGON FORGOTTEN I.D.Ps Of all genuine Internally Displaced Communities, the helpless Sabaots are still trapped, at a loss and without a place to call home. It is alleged that only a handful were fully resettled last year after months of eternal waiting, struggle with empty stomachs, cold nights and a series of traumatizing events in what had been a 'dog's life'. More than 350 families who missed out are yet to taste the 'good waters’. This is in spite of the fact that the government did release One Hundred and Eighty Million Kenyan Shillings last year. Recently the P.M Ordered Lands Minister, Mr.James Orengo to resettle Mau Evictees after intense lobbying and consultations with the distraught leaders from the affected regions. Contrary to Mount Elgon case, the cash was out long time ago meaning their resettlement is long overdue! If the Area M.P cares seriously about the suffering electorate and expects them to send him back to parliament, he ought to do something tangible at the soonest opportune possible. It must be known that this are legitimate I.D.P.s whose tribulations and woes are known here and beyond; their children and grandchildren witnessed horrific murders, maiming and butchering of their beloved ones & they are in effect, in dire need of urgent assistance! ©2012 C. C. Levi


THE QUESTIONABLE CREDIBILITY OF IEBC So far so might have been perceived so until dozens of would-be Biometric Registration Voters Clerks started unearthing fissures that has since graduated into cracks in the midst of your celebrated team. Kenyans do have a lot of faith in you, they believe you will dare not go Kivuitu's way and that for once since the infamous Mlolongo Era, we are going to have a free & a fair election. It is however alleged that a number of would-be B.V.R Clerks were intentionally not informed about the exact date when your good office was supposed to interview them. In cases where the lucky few got the wind of the date & time in question, it was too late for them. Concerned parties have raised questions which you must answer satisfactorily: 1) Is there a hidden agenda behind such misinformation? 2) If there are no any hidden ill-motives, could it be that you have in mind a rather better list of your choice of would-be B.V.R Clerks? 3) If the above is indeed a product of mere innuendo, rumour & hearse, will be in order for your noble office to do the distraught would-be B.V.R Clerks some justice by recalling them and setting apart yet another date for interview? We will be waiting for your answers before we start doubting your credibility!!! ©2012 C. C. Levi


AN OPEN LETTER TO ELGON 'MAFIAS' & JEMEDARIs A.K.A 4TH MARCH 2013 POLL ASPIRANTS It is with tears that I am writing; I do not want to remember the horror that engulfed our beautiful motherland the other day. I forgave those of you who actively participated on behalf of my late sisters, brothers, mothers and fathers...they tell me it was too soon for them to leave us; that even though, they are happier wherever they are for reasons only known to them. I have heard from your emissaries that you don like it very much every time we pester you with 'peace-preaching' gestures. Time & again, I have reminded them that unless you begin an 'homestretch' and preach peace back at our villages, I will not vote for you! Unless you mean what you say and boldly denounce your opponents whose utterances are meant to incite, divide and disorganize our community, I will campaign against you by hook or crook! You must also bear in mind that cowed and cajoled we are never going to be. We've known your true colours over the years, studied your moves and weighed you appropriately. As such, this minute, I must offer you my most stupid advice: I see you can make an excellent militia; perhaps an African exceptional Commando! Armed with your careless whispers carrying with it a tinge of blood, better head to Somalia and join Al-Shabab, or still, join our celebrated army and do away with the enemy once and for all! If you are truthful & genuine, immediately after reading this letter, I want you to write a 1000-word essay on peace, harmony, love and stability for our community. I want you moreover to walk the talk as from tomorrow morning; go back home, get the people to sit down, reason together, speak your mind, let them realize the essence of living a descent & a peaceful life & then afterwards, when they are settled and the reality has dawned on them; ask them to vote for you! ©2012 C. C. Levi


When you believe in a course whose basis is rooted not in hypocrisy, you've got to follow it for the betterment of humanity...when you will be long gone, many a man and a woman will recall your good deeds, exalt your name and quote your words of encouragement. As such, strife ever to lit a smile in a sad face, add meaning in others lives and live meaningfully to see another day die, and yet another day rise!


Very few Kenyans can dare stand agaist what is universally accepted as evil and inhuman, courtesy of their adorned love for their esteemed tribal cocoons! Unlike Miguna, they would rather be cowed and cajoled like shy and giggling amateurish lovers...its true, lest we forget, our leaders has hijacked, raped our constitution without even wearing a condom, and insult our every virtue! Elections are suppossed to be held this year August, period! I do hereby call every sensible Kenyan, every good man and woman, to bodly rise up against this 'colonialism' by our own and demand that the constitutioon which everyone fought for, should be respected to the latter!!!!


Very few, if any, are for the course and quest of genuine & universalyl accepted authentic human rights activists never shudders, never quivers no matter how harsh the consequences might seem! They are hardly after cheap fame-seeking games, financial gains, or a BIG NAME OUT THERE!!!It is heart-breaking that many of our esteemed bright brains have chosen to live a lie a day at a time, especially our campus girls...they say 'great things are done by simple people in the simplest versions, specially so when nobody sees'!That we time and again let a few mislead the masses, squander and waste our sweat and hard-earned self-esteem; is a pity and a retroggressive gesture!


Guys, it is time we separate men from boys, genuine seekers of justice and fairness for all & cheats who lie to us and yet are masters of hatred, tribalism, nepotism and every possible evil you could ever think of. I will never be cowed, let alone with a bullet; I will never waiver neither will I be shaken by mere mortals who are willing to let lose our vulnerable brothers so they can maim, butcher, slaughter and rape their own blood and flesh yet again. I am calling upon every like minded individuals who seek real, long-lasting and beneficial changes for our people in Mount Elgon; to raise up, say enough is enough and denounce every crooked, wicked and shrewd political gestures as we prepare to vote in yet another bunch of thieves, cheats and hypocrites who will (God forbid) care the leas


TOUGH TIMES FOR KENYANS ARE HERE AGAIN: ELECTIONEERING SEOSON AND ITS CRUEL ARCHITECTS It is election season once again. A season that Kenyans always embrace with mixed feelings: a time to scramble for cash and gifts from a handful of the greatest thieves of Kenya and the would-be ‘great thieves indeed’. A time much despised and feared by ‘explorers’ who have been accidentally milking a cow they have never herd since independence; a period of imminent disaster and an ever vague tomorrow! Politicians have always known the issues that deeply concern us (including those that divides us), and will be harping on them to touch our hearts, coat our innocence with tribal goggles and woe our votes by hook or crook. Theirs will ever remain “A life time conspiracy to steal, maim, murder, live large and steal again and again!”As such, armed with our stolen money, they are more than ready to play a cruel game we’ve never mastered its unscrupulous rules! One of the long running and perennial concerns of Kenyans is the runaway corruption in our public processes. In 2002 as well as in 2007, corruption had been a key campaign issue. Already it is an issue on the lips of many politicians indicating that the coming general elections will be no different. But considering the lessons of the last 10 years, should we take mere promises and the mere mumbo jumbo to do away with corruption and other massive theft of public coffers for good? What must we do to avoid being taken for a ride by corn artists who are either deeply rooted in grand corruption or are the greatest and loudest defenders of those suspected of looting public coffers? Considering the undisputed fact that our legal system has been unwilling or incapable of delivering justice in matters of corruption for years on end, we cannot just look at convictions or lack of it, as the basis for determining people’s fitness to hold office. In other words an acquittal is not, especially in our circumstances, conclusive proof of innocence. Failure to be prosecuted should also not be the standard for determining who, from an ethical perspective, qualifies to be our leader. As Kenyans who are tired to the bone with hypocritical leadership, we need to turn a leaf in the way we elect our leaders. It is time we take an about-turn and say enough is enough. Indeed, it is time we stand united and shun every tribal hook, every single nepotism shred and set the record straight once and for all. We must examine records of every would-be political master keenly to understand what they will likely become if we give them the mandate to guard our hard-earned wealth. We must base our decisions on people’s record in shunning and fighting corruption. Mere rhetoric is not enough. An eloquent character won’t deliver us from this bondage of slavery unless his or her past is scrutinized, questioned, judged rationally and determined by a fair and just mind. Candidates should articulate what they have done and plan to do to fight corruption. We need to subject this rhetoric to their past record and assess whether it is worth believing or not. ©2012 Cheruo Levi Cheptora


KENYANS LIVING AN EXPENSIVE LIE A DAY AFTER A DAY! Greed, theft, prostitution and corruption... just to mention but a few, is all flesh and blood of ‘living a lie a day at a time’. Under-paid watchmen, peanut-salaried government employees, regular merchants, and ordinary Kenyans do drive limousines, own bungalows and are known to have taken their kids abroad to receive a much better education. Unlike in renowned advanced economies, educational credentials don’t translate to a better tomorrow or a good-paying job someday. The reverse is almost true, and with a heavily loaded god-father behind you, only the sky can be your limit! Kenyans are hardly hard-working, contrary to the much amplified praises. Instead of say securing good grades and completing their educational levels, they would rather buy a decent certificate from a poverty-stricken home and inherit everything including their names! Armed with this grand lie, they are bound to walk tall in job-markets, rise higher in their ranks and become rich overnight. It is feared that over 70 % of Kenyan Government Employees are unqualified, undeserving, and worse, have been on payroll illegally! Given the un-attended to loop holes and fissures, illiterate sons and daughters of the mighty have ascended to top ranks in our institutions; are the new employers who fancy hiring and firing and rarely tolerate brilliant and hard working staff members! Indeed, in some instances, only one out of five present-day Kenyan employees has clean and genuine papers! The rest are cheats who have been robbing us silently, crippling our weak economy, offering us low quality services and denying our bright sons and daughters a chance in life! Kenya is a nation whose citizens has employed crooked means of survival, lives in the expense of others, cares the least about humanity and is ever more than willing to do anything to plunge every vulnerable life into a pitch-dark abyss! It is a lovely den of hungry wolves whose ugly claws often extend a cold handshake to every beggar in the next turn. In every public office, we the beggars must pay a mandatory illegal fee of at least a hundred Kenyan shillings to get our documents signed or rubber-stamped by an administrator. Chiefs, District Officers, District Commissioners, Provincial Commissioners, C.E.Os, Clerks e.t.c. normally solicit bribe and in most cases, demand a huge chunk of our hard-earned cash or else deny us their services for good. The most disappointing thing is the fact that in every Kenyan public office and/ or institution, there are banners inscribed in them the words “THIS IS A CORRUPT FREE ZONE”, “YOU ARE NOW ENTERING A CORRUPT FREE AREA” or still, “CORRUPTION IS NOT PRACTISED HERE!”. As if they are afraid of their ill-intentions, not a single mortal dares to look at such banners while attending to your needs. Armed with a ‘don’t care’ attitude, theirs is to pass some good time in-between rumour mongering, unhealthy talks over a series of unimportant topics, misappropriating funds, tampering with files and documents, forging signatures and sneaking names and details of their relatives and friends in would-be favoured lists of yet another bunch of uneducated buffoons. Once they see a note or some serious coins, they always spring into action and offer you their level best! ©2012 Cheruo Levi Cheptora


A LOST, FORGOTTEN & YET UNCARING GENERATION Immediately after joining the University of Nairobi (long known for its notorious students and occasional stone-throwing incidents), my beloved papa, the late David Naibei Silas Cheruo, used to remind me of their old good days when he was a student of Animal Health in Kabete in late 70s and early 80s. Then, university students were considered to be the best brains in the society, thus the source of comfort in bleak days. Many a man and a woman in campus had known their country to be BIGGER than any one; be it shrewd politicians, corrupt government officials or even the emissaries of the then dictatorial regime. He used to lament about my generation whose girls show off a lot of their flesh with gusto, automatically become sex addicts as soon as their mangoes starts fighting with their blouses and are more than willing to suffer for years on end in the expense of a few years that demands seriousness and in effect, can lead to a healthier, merrier and a much happier life someday. More so, young men like me are into drugs, partying, and sexual affairs and have since perfected and crafted a life coated with a lie after a lie. It’s been over sixteen months since he passed away now, and he was right anyway…almost four years now in the University of Nairobi, my heart is echoing his cry for what has become a forgotten, lost yet uncaring generation. Today, sexually transmitted grades and degrees are being awarded to dozens of insensitive, yet perfect brains of the society indeed! Lecturers have been known to blackmail us and exploit our vulnerability, yet we hardly come out strongly and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Many a night and many a day, I have witnessed a fleet of expensive vehicles owned by C.E.Os, M.Ps, top government officials and the lucky few Kenyans whose problem has never been cash heading to Female Hostels. In exchange of a fat wand of notes, they are sure to trade-flesh, know happiness and experience a new sphere of ‘love’ denied by their wives back in their dark dungeons. It is heartbreaking to note that such has over the time graduated into the rule rather than the exception. Afraid of the mighty and wealthy, cowed and cajoled we’ve been led endlessly to the slaughter like meek sheep. We’ve seemingly succumbed to a cruel fate so soon and even though we’ve numerous avenues out, we are going to dare not lift a finger in protest! We have shamelessly chosen to live a lie a day at a time, suffer in silence then inevitably, endure a slow, gradual and equally untimely death! The cream of the society is nowadays common in our roads – going on rampage, injuring motorists and burning vehicles. I am tempted to wonder if learning institutions, essentially intended to tame, nature and produce valuable Kenyans someday; are instead creating future monsters that will rather destroy completely, other than construct peacefully. Unlike in the old good days of my late papa, who used to agitate for positive change in governance, nowadays, shy and giggling like amateurish lovers, we always whisper names of shameless Kenyans whose fathers and mothers stole our wealth with such an awesome generosity (are still stealing even this very minute), killed those who dared to point an accusing finger at them, crippled those who walked shoulders high while denouncing their evil acts. There was hardly hooliganism .They ensured that the government served the interests of the Kenyans. Today, smoking, gambling and drinking is the order of the day in the once respected institutions of higher learning. Ironically, we will undoubtedly remain tight lipped as old boys mess up with our bright future and misgovern our parents’ blood and sweat. Slowly, a conspiracy of silence is eroding the “comrade power” and in effect, we will ever remain a lost, forgotten yet uncaring generation for many years to come lest we make an about-turn and set the record straight once and for all! By ©Cheruo Levi Cheptora


GOVERNMENT’S EXAGGERATED AMBITIONS HURTING MANY A SCHOLAR Kabianga Farmers Training Centre became Kabianga Campus of Moi University in May 2007. In May, 2009, the University Campus was elevated to a University College. Kabianga University College joins the list of the recently established University Colleges and Campuses with a view of creating more learning opportunities .Currently the University College has over 3000 students. Initially, everybody considered it an exceptional move by the government; a timely solution to the ever increasing demand for higher education in our country and perhaps, a landmark credential in our esteemed education system. With time, though, the cracks have gradually graduated into fissures in what now appears to have been a hurriedly arranged ‘marriage’. It is evident that the Government had done a great deal of nothing as far as infrastructure expansion and improvement is concerned. Worse, the story is the same in almost all the other College Universities. Consequently, thousands of students are forced to endure an unbearable learning environment in such institutions. In Kabianga for instance, the messes are in a total mess, the main library is almost an archive rich with a scanty number of learning materials and, everyday experience is a traumatizing story for every student. Moreover, six students are forced to share a single room, the water runs hardly up to 8 AM due to the overwhelming number of students, the roads are not tarmac ked (meaning when it rains, one has to wear Gumboots), pavements are ironically absent, an automatic generator is as well absent, the main computer laboratory has close to ten desk top computers...the list is endless! I honestly call upon the government to think seriously about improving things in these higher learning institutions. It is in effect an awesome idea, yes, very timely indeed, yet doomed to stumble and fumble alike unless something tangible is done at the soonest opportune possible! ©2012 Cheruo .C. Levi


REVISITING THE HORRORS OF SABAOT LAND DEFENCE MILITIA IN MOUNT ELGON, KENYA "…Komon's family having succumbed to a major loss, produced a sizeable number of would- be militia men. Idle youths joined hands with the groups. Soon, they headed deep in the forest. Former GSU personnel, David Sigei did train the soldiers. Wycliffe Komon Matakwei was his right hand man. All were being inspired by the illusion that they will be rewarded by huge plots of land after the ensuing battle. For such an illusion to be a reality, they needed to wipe out the entire Ndorobo sub tribe, destroy their properties and own their animals as well! In late 2005, a chilling order from a commandant of newly formed Sabaot Land Defense Force began to be effected. School going boys and girls were rounded in the evening and taken for further instructions. Had the enemy not plotted a scheme to do away with them all? They had nowhere to go – yet, the guns and machetes lay waiting for them on the other side. Some fled. They were traced and brutally murdered at the hands of the fierce force. More willing men joined the force. Dozens left their families to fight for the land. Deep in the forest, the force trained in military warfare. Military hardware exchanged hands, others crossed over from the loose Uganda – Kenya border. Under the dreadful Wycliffe Matakwei, the Sabaot Land Defense Force grew beyond control. David Sigei offered his best training. Elias Bera oversaw financial matters, and soon, sponsors were in their hundreds. Civil servants were forced to part with something or else face the music. From Chebwek, Cheptais to Suam in Endebes- the force was now felt like a live wire! Alive and walking vibrantly. Camps were established with complete authorities. An offensive was then immediately launched. By mid 2006, the vigor of the force had seen hundreds of lives lost and properties worth millions of shillings, completely destroyed! Houses were torched, Tororo alongside Kopsiro, wantonly destroyed. The slopes witnessed uncountable beheadings and untold sufferings. Even animals were not spared. Mongrels were beheaded or their limbs amputated mercilessly! The director of the horror movie heaved with ecstasy at the sight, and ordered even more bloodshed! There was no way to survive… gunshots were heard all over. Premises were reduced to mere ashes. Thousands ran for dear lives. Raiders from both camps would take off with what their might could allow them to carry, rape helpless elderly women, and took away their daughters and granddaughters. Whatever happened to them, no one will ever get to know! Vigorous fields that were once the cradle of farming, slowly turned idle. Established centers were converted into battle fields. Schools were hideouts and sites for massive damage and loss of both lives and properties. Beyond the impenetrable forest yonder, the enemy kept planning how best to avenge. The now cruel Sabaot Land Defense Force militia men took more lives. Finally, their date with ill timed fate had dawn, and it was the best opportunity to settle their scores…and more and more bloodshed was the way forward! Apparently, it was the most suitable means of healing their eternal wound…a wound that had ever seen years of bleeding. Matakwei’s boys will fight to death. More and more heeded his call. More were given blessings by Mzee Songoiywo; more took the oath with such great enthusiasm. And the killings continued. The horror movie was there to stay indeed!" That was years ago; the memories are still vivid, the agony much alive and the scars visible in many a face. Many then could eat when something solid was availed, and sleep hungry when there was none. Dozens of families were uprooted from their homes and were headed to safer zones where scores of others were arriving every night, in fear of fresh attacks. There was no place to call home anymore. Across the awesome land, beyond the spell binding and beautiful highlands; rapes, mutilations and communal violence gripped the country with such awesome might. Every male wore a solemn face in the slopes. Every female was worried- sure to lose their beloved anytime. One could read the signs in their foreheads. It was there all the time. Nobody was permitted to mourn their loved ones. Corpses were hurriedly thrown into three feet holes and a few munches of soil thrown inside. Others were left in the vandalized houses where stray dogs soon found comfort! You could wish it was not real- yet it was. It was happening every hour, every minute and in every corner of the slopes. The once fertile plots lay idle. Without food, the entire community will be a forgotten thing indeed! We are much wiser now; we’ve seen the effect, felt the consequences and realized it was never worth it from the beginning. We have learnt the hard way and never again are we going to tread in that coarse path; never again are we going to meekly heed the call of the cheats, evil and shrewd politicians so we can maim, kill & butcher our very own mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers. We must now embrace brotherhood, peace, love and unity…we must walk the talk and preach good-will! It is either today or never again! Join me and let us save innocent lives at stake! © 2012 Cheruo Levi Cheptora

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