Tuesday, 16 October 2012


No matter how grave one's sins are, they are entitled to a procedural, fair and just avenue of seeking justice to the distraught i.e. the victims in question. Even God Himself despite the fact that we cannot do without Him (when He can afford to do without us), gives us a chance to save our skins and in effect, subjects us to humane, fair and just judgments! M.R.C is a near-evil, yes, (a possible venomous thorn in the flesh of our beloved nation) and its consequent acts attest to this. I am not supporting Mr. Omar Mwamnaudzi's acts but it must be remembered that like any other Kenyan, he has his rights! The point is, the police violated his constitutional rights by beating, roughing him up and acting in a manner that subsequently demeaned, degrade and pinned down his ego and manhood. The apparent good spirit of the new constitution espoused by many a government's systems and the respect Kenyans are almost renewing for the long much despised Police Force; is thus consequently jeopardized. We are yet again being reminded of the Nyayo era and the horrific tales of the infamous Nyayo Torture Chambers. Our Police Officers need to uphold the rule of the law, respect the human rights of every Kenyan, and desist from applying excessive force while dealing with law-breakers. Worse, it was inhuman for Mr. Omar Mwamnaudzi to be denied proper medication. That in itself is unconstitutional and unfortunately, flexes the muscles of impunity, disrespect of the rule of law and acts as a recipe for future police run-away brutalities! © 2012 Cheruo Cheptora Levi

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