Monday, 15 October 2012


THE PLIGHT OF ELGON FORGOTTEN I.D.Ps Of all genuine Internally Displaced Communities, the helpless Sabaots are still trapped, at a loss and without a place to call home. It is alleged that only a handful were fully resettled last year after months of eternal waiting, struggle with empty stomachs, cold nights and a series of traumatizing events in what had been a 'dog's life'. More than 350 families who missed out are yet to taste the 'good waters’. This is in spite of the fact that the government did release One Hundred and Eighty Million Kenyan Shillings last year. Recently the P.M Ordered Lands Minister, Mr.James Orengo to resettle Mau Evictees after intense lobbying and consultations with the distraught leaders from the affected regions. Contrary to Mount Elgon case, the cash was out long time ago meaning their resettlement is long overdue! If the Area M.P cares seriously about the suffering electorate and expects them to send him back to parliament, he ought to do something tangible at the soonest opportune possible. It must be known that this are legitimate I.D.P.s whose tribulations and woes are known here and beyond; their children and grandchildren witnessed horrific murders, maiming and butchering of their beloved ones & they are in effect, in dire need of urgent assistance! ©2012 C. C. Levi

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