Monday, 15 October 2012


THE QUESTIONABLE CREDIBILITY OF IEBC So far so might have been perceived so until dozens of would-be Biometric Registration Voters Clerks started unearthing fissures that has since graduated into cracks in the midst of your celebrated team. Kenyans do have a lot of faith in you, they believe you will dare not go Kivuitu's way and that for once since the infamous Mlolongo Era, we are going to have a free & a fair election. It is however alleged that a number of would-be B.V.R Clerks were intentionally not informed about the exact date when your good office was supposed to interview them. In cases where the lucky few got the wind of the date & time in question, it was too late for them. Concerned parties have raised questions which you must answer satisfactorily: 1) Is there a hidden agenda behind such misinformation? 2) If there are no any hidden ill-motives, could it be that you have in mind a rather better list of your choice of would-be B.V.R Clerks? 3) If the above is indeed a product of mere innuendo, rumour & hearse, will be in order for your noble office to do the distraught would-be B.V.R Clerks some justice by recalling them and setting apart yet another date for interview? We will be waiting for your answers before we start doubting your credibility!!! ©2012 C. C. Levi

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