Thursday, 25 October 2012


To be realistic, our Kenyan society has complex perceptions about 'women leadership' and a great deal of men is seemingly ever suspicious and afraid of such advancements. This is echoed by the apparent stale mate to fully effect the 2:1 ratio slated in the new constitution(courtesy of a good chunk of the male parliamentarians). Consequently, it will take many years for us to embrace political sobriety and ignore gender as a factor when it comes to leadership and other societal roles! Martha Karua for instance, has an extremely strong personality and has since effectively emancipated herself from the perceived 'cruel jaws of male chauvinism'! Similarly, a horde of others notably Shabesh Rachel, Njoki Ndung’u, Charity Ngilu & Reverent Margaret Wanjiru; do exhibit such tendencies of having liberated themselves from the eternally ‘enslaving’ male domination! Either Martha or Ngilu can make a great leader, yes, yet the way things stand, their chances to succeed Mwai Kibaki might be equally very slim! Traditionally, male leadership has been adored in our Country and convincing a whole generation of hard-lined ‘conservatives’, might not be an easy ride for the two female presidential candidates! On a prophetic gear, our beloved country will be ripe enough to accommodate a female president in the year 2100! As much as I honestly wish them the best of luck, it is quite unfortunate to note that theirs is inevitably a ‘losing battle’. I must, however, loud their persistent, consistent and constant struggle to add meaning in many a Kenyan woman’s life...they have been an inspiration, a role model and a motivator to many a young girl. Kudos, bravo, thumbs up!!! © Cheruo Levi Cheptora 2012

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