Monday, 15 October 2012


KENYANS LIVING AN EXPENSIVE LIE A DAY AFTER A DAY! Greed, theft, prostitution and corruption... just to mention but a few, is all flesh and blood of ‘living a lie a day at a time’. Under-paid watchmen, peanut-salaried government employees, regular merchants, and ordinary Kenyans do drive limousines, own bungalows and are known to have taken their kids abroad to receive a much better education. Unlike in renowned advanced economies, educational credentials don’t translate to a better tomorrow or a good-paying job someday. The reverse is almost true, and with a heavily loaded god-father behind you, only the sky can be your limit! Kenyans are hardly hard-working, contrary to the much amplified praises. Instead of say securing good grades and completing their educational levels, they would rather buy a decent certificate from a poverty-stricken home and inherit everything including their names! Armed with this grand lie, they are bound to walk tall in job-markets, rise higher in their ranks and become rich overnight. It is feared that over 70 % of Kenyan Government Employees are unqualified, undeserving, and worse, have been on payroll illegally! Given the un-attended to loop holes and fissures, illiterate sons and daughters of the mighty have ascended to top ranks in our institutions; are the new employers who fancy hiring and firing and rarely tolerate brilliant and hard working staff members! Indeed, in some instances, only one out of five present-day Kenyan employees has clean and genuine papers! The rest are cheats who have been robbing us silently, crippling our weak economy, offering us low quality services and denying our bright sons and daughters a chance in life! Kenya is a nation whose citizens has employed crooked means of survival, lives in the expense of others, cares the least about humanity and is ever more than willing to do anything to plunge every vulnerable life into a pitch-dark abyss! It is a lovely den of hungry wolves whose ugly claws often extend a cold handshake to every beggar in the next turn. In every public office, we the beggars must pay a mandatory illegal fee of at least a hundred Kenyan shillings to get our documents signed or rubber-stamped by an administrator. Chiefs, District Officers, District Commissioners, Provincial Commissioners, C.E.Os, Clerks e.t.c. normally solicit bribe and in most cases, demand a huge chunk of our hard-earned cash or else deny us their services for good. The most disappointing thing is the fact that in every Kenyan public office and/ or institution, there are banners inscribed in them the words “THIS IS A CORRUPT FREE ZONE”, “YOU ARE NOW ENTERING A CORRUPT FREE AREA” or still, “CORRUPTION IS NOT PRACTISED HERE!”. As if they are afraid of their ill-intentions, not a single mortal dares to look at such banners while attending to your needs. Armed with a ‘don’t care’ attitude, theirs is to pass some good time in-between rumour mongering, unhealthy talks over a series of unimportant topics, misappropriating funds, tampering with files and documents, forging signatures and sneaking names and details of their relatives and friends in would-be favoured lists of yet another bunch of uneducated buffoons. Once they see a note or some serious coins, they always spring into action and offer you their level best! ©2012 Cheruo Levi Cheptora

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