Friday, 19 October 2012


Greed, theft and corruption... just to mention but a few, is all flesh and blood of ‘living a lie a day at a time’. This characterizes the much despised UoN Staff members who are responsible for murdering, in cold blood, many a dream of comrades. Many a day, they have generously trampled upon mercilessly and eagerly envelop aspirations and ambitions of young men and women in a cloud of the ever seemingly misty tomorrow! Under-paid watchmen, peanut-salaried UoN Staff, do drive limousines, own bungalows and are known to have taken their kids abroad to receive a much better education; all courtesy of witch handing and cash solicited via ungodly channels(mainly corrupt deals). Most notorious is the S.W.A Staff Members who have since perfected their crooked means of undermining a comrade’s life. It must be remembered that J.A.B normally ascribes its annually lists of prospective students to bed capacities availed by every public university. Essentially, this means that every comrade is entitled to a bed. Ironically, S.W.A has since sneaked a clause in the Institution’s Rules and Regulations which seeks not to guarantee you and me a bed! Surprisingly, Module Two comrades, courtesy of their connections and fat wallets, do openly enjoy accommodation services in the expense of numerous distraught comrades...consequently; dozens of comrades are forced to defer their Academic Years, rent houses in the suburbs of the city and endure torturous hours in the cold! A reliable source informed me that a good chunk of these Staff Members, having secured miserable grades, chose to buy decent certificates from poverty-stricken homes and inherited everything including their names! Armed with this grand lie, they were in effect bound to walk tall in job-markets, rise higher in their ranks and become rich overnight. It is feared that over 30 % of UoN Employees are unqualified, undeserving, and worse, have been on payroll illegally! Given the un-attended to loop holes and fissures, illiterate sons and daughters of the mighty have ascended to top ranks in our institution; are the new employers who fancy hiring and firing and rarely tolerate brilliant and hard working staff members! A great deal are indeed cheats who have been robbing us silently, crippling our weak economy, offering us low quality services and denying our bright sons and daughters a chance in life! Armed with a ‘don’t care’ attitude, theirs is to pass some good time in-between rumour mongering, unhealthy talks over a series of unimportant topics, misappropriating funds, tampering with files and documents, forging signatures and sneaking names and details of their relatives and friends in would-be favoured lists of yet another bunch of uneducated buffoons. Once they see a note or some serious coins, they always spring into action and offer you their level best! ©2012 C.C.LEVI

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