Thursday, 25 October 2012


Her stare was dull,coiled with uncerternity I saw the unwavering dilemma,the lack of consent Many a day,many a night We've been together in that homely utopia Hoping all will be alright There were times so hard We cried and cried and cried Wishing we were never set forth And she had been the man Telling me of our other true friend:pain! We shook hands with it every minute of our lives We wrestled with its bargains We sniffed its distant innocence And I knew will ever be best of friends… And I never anticipated the tides will change soon The ill wind blew untimely Covering our once plausible rays of hope with a thick blanket of despair And mine became fanciful ideas Unreal myths.I reminded her of those moments together The merry laughter,the tears yes and of course the pain Of the inside contentment And the seemingly vague tomorrow But she wouldn't listen to me… She turned to go and I couldn't do a thing… The looming,dark blanket lay somewhere ahead I would have loved to warn her Of the mist,the vague tomorrow… True I lacked the muscles,my wallet was thin But mine heart was huge,patiently waiting to embrace her My future wife welcomed the wisest counsel Of ignoring me On and on she moved away Blindfolded,lured by secret sneering, cheerer And the clever fools who are indeed my true enemies! I recalled with penury,tears,bitterness How I would tell Mama that:there goes my future wife About the secret golden ring I would have made her wear And the now icy touch of her once-genuine laughter As I sat there,watching helplessly as my future wife carelessly caressed the seemingly kind face of a promising tomorrow, I prayed inwardly for fate she had dated earlier to have mercy on her True,the path she was now following was headed for a devoid abyss And I knew I will never see my future wife again…

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