Saturday, 29 December 2012


Terror, confusion, fear, trauma among other not-so-kind gestures; are the trademarks of the once dreaded S.L.D.F Militia that served as a platform for power-ascendancy back in 2007 for some local politicians. The symptoms are here yet again with severe signs exhibited in Nomorio, Gituamba, Kimobo and Kaptama (a recent attack being yesterday night). The ‘boys’ whom a number of politicians are used to arming, have loose tongues and easily let go their secret escapades and occasional dilly-dallying with a number of people long known as ‘Elgon Mafias’. I have a not-so lovely date with you once the leaked information is accredited and verified. I’ll name and shame you and forward the stunning revelations to relevant bodies. If you think you will kill, maim, torture and enslave my friends, relatives and kinsmen so you can easily walk easily the ‘tight’ rope; better think twice this time round! We are tired of these senseless killings and the terror your ‘boys’ are unleashing! More so, a close source has informed me of possible collusions between the ‘boys’ & the Security Personnel (who are apparently helpless) as the invincible enemies of the people wander around freely during the nights! Hawa majamaa waende transfer Baragoi kaa wameshindwa na kazi! Na wakome kukusanya hongo barabarani na kushika akina mama pima vijijini! ©Cheruo Levi Cheptora

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