Saturday, 29 December 2012


Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki (born 1931) ushered in an era of change upon his election, pledging to restore his country's economy and wipe out government corruption. Kibaki succeeded President Daniel arap Moi, under whom Kibaki served as vice - president. Moi took office in 1978 and remained in office for 24 years. Kibaki launched his campaign for the presidency in 1992, when the Kenyan constitution first allowed opposition parties to participate in the country's government. After two unsuccessful bids, Kenyans overwhelmingly elected him to the post in 2002. Unlike during Moi’s era when looting of public coffers was rampant, large-scale and solely centred around the Moi’s family & his notorious cronies like Total Man; your tenure in office only did managed to register a handful of vices of that nature notably the Anglo Leasing Scandal, Grand Regency Scandal, land grabbing’s here and there and well, of course we cannot forget the mysterious disappearances of Forms 16 A when Kivuitu Failed to Tell the nation who had won the 2007 General Elections! Sir, remember forty two tribes elected you unanimously back in 2002. They cared the least whether you were from the ever mighty MUMBI house or not. They simply believed in you. Down the line, it is alleged that you wholeheartedly, helplessly and willingly embrace your ‘own’. Those cronies that have always surrounded you ensured the National Cake was distributed disproportionally towards their own (e.g. funding massive infrastructural projects in Thika, Gatanga and many other parts in Central Kenya). We saw this and we were not happy. We never celebrated when your office ensured every successive list of Prospective Public Servants had a majority of names from the MUMBI house. And that is why many of us chose not to vote for you in 2007! More vital, Kenyans will never forget witnessing you promulgating the New Kenyan Constitution (20110). We heaved with ecstasy, bliss, anticipation and everyone felt a new wave of change surging in our midst! It is unfortunate that under your very watch, impunity-inspired sentiments are beginning to clot the new constitution. You and I know the County Commissioners are illegally implanted in their offices. I will forever remember your name should you rise up beyond the apparent ‘love for self’ inculcated in those around you whom are known for perennial run-away impunity, and say a FAT, ROUND NO to County Commissioners! We will be a happy lot should you help us mitigate this renewed resurgence of impunity, not forgetting the tribal hooks & animosities that currently hold us tight together! As you prepare to retire honourably, I would love to join other Kenyans in wishing you a meaningful rest. Just like an ideal coin and any normal human being, you had commendable merits and lamentable demerits. I know it is with mixed feelings you are setting out at last. Given a chance, perhaps you wouldn’t have minded ruling us for the next a hundred years, just like your peer Mugabe Robert aspires! We will miss your jokes and your level-headedness. Mama Lucy will also be dearly missed by the journalists and your staff in statehouse. May God’s mercies and graces be upon you for as long as you live! ©2012 Cheruo Levi Cheptora

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