Saturday, 29 December 2012


As we bid a solemn goodbye to the year 2012, let us include in our numerous list of resolutions for the forthcoming brand new year 2013, one most important promise: that as Kenyans, never again are we ever going to find ourselves in the murderous situation that has prevailed in the country for days on end. Never again are we going to meekly heed the preaching of hateful tribe-chiefs and ethnic lords whose massive quest is to protect their pockets by hook or crook (by using our vulnerable brothers who are jobless and without means of surviving the trying moments characterized by massive financial challenges and economic struggles). Never ever again will we allow a few politicians to set brother against brother, neighbour against neighbour and sister against sister! Yes indeed. It is time Kenyans must re-discover their uniqueness and massive potential enshrined in their diversity. It is time for Kenyans to move forward meaningfully – set the unwinding path straight than ever before and embrace political sanity and sobriety. More so, it is time we turn back to God as a nation; be prayerful, remorseful and repentantly oblige to His eternal call engulfed in kindness, love, and enormous understanding. Indeed, a nation without God is like an orphaned child – without proper upbringing and vulnerable to evils from every possible enemies and angle! It shouldn’t matter a thing the number of ministries and the burden of effecting the new constitution. It doesn’t matter the mysterious ministries of beautifying what and what that has clot and clouded the spirit of effectively and efficiently serving Kenyans for the last many years. There should be no problem either with the additional, eager and would-be ungracious pockets to stuff more millions from our public till. Or rather the heavy burden placed squarely in our heads- what is important is that we will be able to live together; just as before, as Kenyans, we are going to live like brothers and sisters! As Kenyans, we are now wiser. Soon, the ‘bad beans’ will be out in the cold. The shrewd ‘suckers’ will surely be shown the door. For long, some had abandoned their electorate. They had neglected me and you and never bothered whether our roads were passable or impassable. The poorly maintained social amenities in our neighbourhood never meant a thing to them. Many were engaging themselves in noise making sessions in parliament (instead of enacting worthy laws for our country) and enriching their families instead. Armed with a voter’s card, we are going to hire and fire! And fire mercilessly we will! Until then, let’s sharpen our appetite to usher in yet another new dawn with fresh awakening! HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013! ©2012 Cheruo Levi Cheptora

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