Monday, 7 January 2013


It is time every sane man and woman calling himself/ herself a true Sabaot rise up against a bunch of well known 'mafias' who are out there again; arming our vulnerable youths so they can slain, maim, murder and terrorize every breathing soul in the mountain. We must vehemently condemn such insane, inhumane, retrogressive and barbaric gestures orchestrated and perpetrated by our very own whose exaggerated love for self is both demeaning and astonishing! Just the other day, our awe-inspiring and elegant Mountain witnessed horrendous 'escapades' stirred and directed by a bunch of a merciless, ruthless and 'blood-thirsty' brainwashed idlers. Surely we do not want to see a repeat of the same, do we? We are tired to the borne with these senseless killings and the 'war lordship' tag every prospective Mount Elgon Parliamentary Seat Aspirant is eagerly embracing. Such methodologies ought to be buried in the icy past and replaced with a splendid wave of democracy enshrined in the rule and respect of the law; in retrospect, abiding by the rules governing human rights and most vital, coupled with an eternal urge to wholeheartedly, selflessly and genuinely condone 'political tolerance'. It is time we shun such divisive tactics employed by shrewd, sly and corrupt politicians. It is time to 'police' our Motherland effectively by naming and shaming any shady deals between the remnants of the 'boys' and their financial benefactors. It is indeed time we smoke the public 'enemy' and cast him/ her into the political dustbin for years and years to come! A people divided will inevitably fall united. That said, the back stop at us: you and me! Let's walk the talk in every tiny village, in every mad house; preaching peace and psyching our people to say a fat, round NO to politically motivated skirmishes. I have forwarded my deeply felt concerns to the authorities in Mount Elgon and they have assured me they are following up on the matter. In the meantime, I urge all the aspirants to unite our people, refrain from making inflammatory remarks and denounce barbaric formulas of playing their 'dirty politics'. ©2013 Cheruo Levi Cheptora

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