Thursday, 10 January 2013

A Country Gone to the Wild Dogs

Unlike in the Advanced Economies like the U.S.A, China, Russia, Israel, France, Germany & Japan where a death of even an infant normally spurs national outrage and widespread condemnation; here in Kenya it is always superseded with a ‘don’t care ‘ attitude and a subsequent ‘business as usual’ general euphoria! The masses have been overtime inculcated into nurturing this thought that it matters the least provided it isn’t you or your own; so it seems. Murderous scenes usually attract huge crowds that are ever likely to giggle shyly and marvel like toddlers who just uttered their very first word ever! Corrupt security forces, traffic officers and the ever inadequate Intelligence Unit Guys have caused our beloved country innumerable loss of lives, wanton destruction of property and grave security bridges. Deadly weapons of mass destruction have been reportedly ended up in wrong hands (notably the notorious AL-Shabab Extremists, Mungiki Sect Members etc.) after being ‘okayed’ by money-thirsty security personnel. Church bombings, grenade attacks, fatal road accidents and a horde of other evils have been the daily consequences of such selfish acts. Kenyans are perishing daily in their hundreds whistle the big men and women are wining and dining; whiling their expensive time in luxurious hotels discussing a series of an unimportant issues. Human live no longer matters a thing here in is rumoured that our ‘kind, loving & gracious M.Ps’ usually groan and mournfully regret the ‘loss of vital votes’ whenever yet again Kenyan is pronounced dead! To them, we only matter when we can send them back to parliament: a place where many have pitched camp enriching their own and fattening their wallets. Kenya is a country whose systems are enshrined in shrewdness and massive corrupt gestures; a Nation whose respectable leaders lies, kill and torture without a slight blink of an eye. Given the un-attended to loop holes and fissures, illiterate sons and daughters of the mighty have ascended to top ranks in our institutions; are the new employers who fancy hiring and firing and rarely tolerate brilliant and hard working staff members! Indeed, in some instances, only one out of five present-day Kenyan employees has clean and genuine papers! The rest are cheats who have been robbing us silently, crippling our weak economy, offering us low quality services and denying our bright sons and daughters a chance in life! Kenya is a nation whose citizens has employed crooked means of survival, lives in the expense of others, cares the least about humanity and is ever more than willing to do anything to plunge every vulnerable life into a pitch-dark abyss! It is a lovely den of hungry wolves whose ugly claws often extend a cold handshake to every beggar in the next turn. The grand questions each one of us must start asking ourselves seriously are: until when are we going to allow all these evils to engulf our peace-loving nation? For how long are we going to remain tight-lipped? Until when will be cowed and cajoled by a few super-rich Kenyans whose aspirations and ambitions are to down-trod the masses? In the meantime, we can only pray and hope for the best! ©2013 Cheruo Levi Cheptora

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